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本月 : 2014年11月號

This month: Nov 2014


1) 九龍會慶祝25週年會員特別優惠 Hong Kong Special membership offer in celebration of Kowloon Club’s 25th Anniversary



1) 懷舊食譜酒宴,美酒佳餚迎新年!Celebrate the New Year with Teochew Cuisine Nostalgia Banquet and Fine Wine


*九龍會與新加坡广东会馆聯辨“萬歲慈善齋宴2014” Kowloon Club & Singapore Kwangtung Hui Kuan Jointly Organized “Longevity Vegetarian Banquet cum Charity Event 2014”
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*“九龍會”联同“芽龙国际球会”舉辦  “Children, Our Future”- Soccer Carnival 2014
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*“九龍會”联同“芽龙国际球会”舉辦  “Children, Our Future”- Soccer Carnival 2013
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*九龍會高爾夫球慈善賽2013 Kowloon Club Charity Golf Tournament 2013
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"萬歲慈善齋宴2013" 九龍會與新加坡佛教青年弘法團聯辦  Longevity Vegetarian Banquet cum Charity Event 2013
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"社會融洽嘉年華2013"九龍會與人民協會聯辦"用愛觸動籌款&Passion易通卡挑戰紀錄 Jointed PA Integration Carnival 2013  
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拉柏多公園慈善步行 Labrador Nature Reserve Chairty Walk
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九龍會高爾夫球慈善賽Kowloon Club Charity Golf Tournament 2012

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慈善齋宴「萬歲宴」舉辦成功 Vegetarian Charity Dinner

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榜鵝水道慈善步行活動 Waterway@Punggol Charity Walk

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九龍會獅城慶新春晚宴為李光耀雙語基金籌款Fund Raising at Annual Dinner 2012for "Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism" 

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Welcome to Kowloon Club 

Kowloon Club is a place where you can learn, play, socialize, and enjoy your life.

Kowloon Club helps you integrate to Singapore society & brings meanings to your life.

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Kowloon Club Broadcast News 

Celebrate the New Year with Teochew Cuisine Nostalgia Banquet and Fine Wine

2015年即將來臨,九龍會跟往年一樣,聯繫了知名食肆「金龍船潮州酒家」於12月27日 (星期六) 特別預訂美味潮州美食 “懷舊食譜酒宴”,與各會員好友一齊享用佳餚,免費品嚐法國紅酒,大家同歡共慶迎新年。
To welcome the 2015 New Year, Kowloon Club has reserved tables at the renown Kam Boat Teochew Restaurant for Teochew Cuisine Nostalgia banquet on 27 December 2014, Saturday. Club members and friends are welcomed to enjoy the sumptuous food and fine wine as well as celebrating the 2015 New Year. (Free tasting French Wine )


日期: 2014年12月27日 星期六  時間: 下午7時
Date: Saturday, 27 Nov. 2014 Time: 7:00 pm



One Community Fiest 2014

人民協會每年舉辦的活動之一 "One Community Fiesta 2014 - Knowing Me, Knowing You",于11月1日星期六在Garden by the Bay 舉行並完滿結束。當日超過4,000名來自全區域的本地居民及新移民朋友出席。
九龍會義工們參與其中的的活動 "Walk for Charity - MINDS",九龍會捐款S$20,000于"MINDS"團體, 除捐款外並招募義工們,照顧45名"MINDS" 團體的朋友,陪伴及照顧他們,觀賞當日精彩的舞台活動,準備午餐,再一同前往參觀兩個冷氣花園,活動歡樂兼有意義,各參與者都盡興盡歡而回。當日活動並得到媒體廣泛報導。

The One Community Fiesta 2014 – “Knowing Me, Knowing You” was successfully organised on Saturday, 1 Nov 2014 at the Gardens by the Bay, registering a turnout of more than 4,000 local Singaporeans and new immigrant residents island-wide. Kowloon Club sponsored $20,000 to "Movement for the Intellectually Disabled Singapore (MINDS)", and Kowloon Club member volunteers participated in the“Walk for Charity - MINDS” project. They accompanied 45 beneficiaries in MINDS to watch the stage performance, had lunch together and brought them to visit the Conservatory domes at the Garden By The Bay. Some volunteers also prepared gifts for the beneficiaries. The event has also received positive media coverage.    

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